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Moving Pictures Film Club

Aug 27, 2022

Tim and Ygraine are back to discuss the films from Day 2 (Friday 26th August) at FrightFest 2022, including NEXT EXIT, THE HARBINGER and A WOUNDED FAWN.

Includes interviews with Andy Mitton (dir. THE HARBINGER); Laura Heisler and Jay Dunn (cast THE HARBINGER); Travis Stevens (dir. A WOUNDED FAWN); Sarah Lind (cast A WOUNDED FAWN); Jacob Gentry (dir. NIGHT SKY); Chris Baugh and Ryan J. Brown (director and writer of WRECK); Oscard Kennedy and Thaddea Graham (cast WRECK); Alexis Bruchon (dir. THE EYES BELOW).

Theme music by The Gideon Complex - recorded by FrEQ Audio Recordings.

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